Looking PhenoMENal with Got2b - Jesus Agudo
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Looking PhenoMENal with Got2b

Hey gents, i would like to tell you about something.
You know i am quite fussy with my hair, well I´ve recently was sent the new got2b grooming range #PhenoMENal by Schwarzkopf

I´ve been using it for almost a month and i am in love with them. Particularly with the moulding paste, this collection has so many products, they hold the hair perfectly, they are non-sticky and they last for a long time.

There’s a very fine line between just enough and too much that your hair looks gross. But it does do exactly as it claims- it makes hair appear thicker. The hold is just right. I apply a small amount only on the top where I need volume as the product can make the short hair on my sides stand up- which means it works. I apply the product while hair is wet and blow dry it out, and this seems to work perfectly. Scent is pleasant with a hint of sandalwood that’s not too overpowering either! Definitely a grooming essential.

Bound together by their love of hair, Schwarzkopf are powered by the same fire and attentiveness to their craft. Their combined drive to shine energies their essence to question, explore and surpass what’s been done before.

Get a PhenoMENal look with this range!