CAXTON GRILL - Jesus Agudo
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Located in Westminster, Caxton Grill is the leading restaurant at the glamorous St. Ermin’s Hotel and is led by head chef Alex Boyd who started his training at the age of 16 and acclaimed from The Mansion House, cooking regularly for the British Royal Family. With his undeniable culinary talent, flair and a wealth of expertise, using the finest, carefully sourced and local ingredients – Alex is dedicated to crafting innovative menus through the hotel, at the same time as conveying a bonus style of elegance to Caxton Grill.

Focusing on fresh, locally sourced produce where possible, the restaurant with 72 covers and a private dining room oversees a luxurious courtyard. It serves lunch and dinner with immaculate service inside earnest ambiances, designing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.


The Grill’s commitment to sustainability and obtaining local ingredients has lately improved, and now the chefs can simply step out of the kitchen and visit the rooftop kitchen garden for fresh home-grown from tomatoes, beetroots, spring onions to apples, plums, raspberries, and a wide range of herbs! And if it could get any better, their honey is produced by the more 350,000 Buckfast bees!

The Caxton Bar, positioned next to the Grill, bargains a sizeable variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, incorporating some signature cocktails. The bar offers a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for visitors and residents to gather for a drink or those looking for a relaxed bar meal.


Juicy steaks, skilfully prepared fish, self-indulgent desserts and a roof garden to spring as many fresh ingredients as possible – there’s a lot to love here at Caxton Grill.