Jesus Agudo | Content Creator & Lifestyle Blogger | Crisps And Dips for everyone!
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Crisps And Dips for everyone!

There is something you must know about me, im more kind of savoury guy, and i prefer chips that sweets. Now i want to tell you about a place I´ve recently discovered where you can have the bests chips with the most delicious handmade dips. HIPCHIPS is the place.

Located in bustling Soho, HIPCHIPS puts the fun in dining. Available in boxes of various sizes, HIPCHIPS crisps and dips are perfect for sharing with groups of friends or family, and the relaxed, buzzy atmosphere makes for a fun and laid-back dining experience.

HIPCHIPS’ freshly hand-cut crisps are made from seasonal British-grown heritage potatoes only picked when they’re at their best. These fine-quality crisps are accompanied by a variety of homemade sweet and savoury dips including katsu curry, smokey cheese fondue, lemon tart and raspberry, chocolate salted caramel and many more.

I´ve also recommended you to check their drinks menu; they have the most amazing and alternative cocktail selection that makes this place great to start your night out!

This September, Executive Chef Scott Davis has carefully combined seasonal fresh damson and tangy blue cheese in the brand new savoury Blue Cheese and Damson dip. Those with a sweeter tooth can opt for the equally delicious Cider Apple and Cinnamon Cream which is delicious when paired with either cinnamon dusted or slightly salted crisps.