Drinking caviar? you heard it right! - Jesus Agudo
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Drinking caviar? you heard it right!

We all know that caviar is one of the most beautiful things to eat now can also drink it.

L’Orbe has made a caviar-infused vodka. They spent more than five years developing a bespoke method in which the most fragile of ingredients; caviar, could be preserved and infused.

Encapsulated within a unique pearl technology and sealed in a bespoke crafted glass vial, the caviar’s subtle aromas are gradually diffused. Soft buttery notes mature within the bottle, gently evolving to nuttier tones.

It helps if you liked seafood; the taste is quite salty, it is not what you spect from vodka that we are used to, must say but definitely has an exotic, pleasant flavour.

This caviar is a customized creation crafted to ensure the optimum release of aromas within the vodka. Cultivated and sourced from ecologically minded Sturgeon farms in Gironde; the use of the best French caviar imbues the vodka with the tones of the gastronomic delicacy.

It can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Served neat or over ice, it is the perfect accompaniment to caviar (naturally) and a wide range of seafood dishes; for a light and refreshing serve, top L’Orbe with soda over ice; or using L’Orbe for a Vodka Martini provides a savoury twist to the classic cocktail.

I´ve recently attended to their launch in the UK at the iconic the Connaught where the legendary mixologist Ago Perrone designed three amazing cocktails that were amazing, an outstanding experience that highly recommends to give it a go. An ultimate luxury experience that you must try! Pics by josh_sherwood