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Martini? Anyone?🍸 I recently discovered an amazing spot in Nort East London Fontaine’s is an Art Deco bar with a unique vive and it’s launching a brand-new menu that celebrates the Martini in all its forms,

Located in Stoke Newington, Art Deco bar Fontaine’s is launching a brand-new menu on Friday 12th October that celebrates the Martini in all its forms. Aiming to demystify what is arguably the world’s most famous cocktail, the new Martini menu at Fontaine’s will explore the various flavour combinations and well-disputed variations of this classic drink so that guests can find their signature style. All in a beautiful cocktail bar setting that embodies the glamour and elegance of the Golden Era.

The strong list consists of traditional recipes with a subtle twist, using intriguing ingredients to tickle the senses such as grapefruit bitters, homemade caraway-infused vermouth and honey spray. For this inventive menu, Fontaine’s has teamed up with Oxley Gin and Belvedere, which are both options for the affordable £10.50 classic martini.

Since opening its doors in 2014, Fontaine’s has been single-handedly managed by owner Ruby Fontaine, whose attention to detail and passion for hospitality is mirrored in silver service style provided by the charming waiting staff. The venue is akin to the relaxed allurement of a 1940’s living room, featuring vintage cabinets of curiosities, luxurious Art Deco lounge sofas and a stunning midnight-blue and gold upstairs bar.

Fontaine’s is a stunning venue, serving up reasonably priced, high-quality cocktails and impeccable service. Whether it’s dry, wet, dirty, with an olive, or a twist, guests will be certain to find their perfect martini after enjoying this impressive new offering.

This place is awesome, a beautiful cocktail bar setting that embodies the glamour and elegance of the Golden Era. Check it out!