LAYLOW - Jesus Agudo
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Laylow is where music and food meet exceptional design. Established by Notting Hill-based artist Taz Fustok, it crafts a setting for creatives: thinkers, painters, designers, artists and bohemians who may not fit in with the more sophisticated memberships’ clubs in the heart of town. Previously a pub, Laylow has reformed the four-storey plot for a fresh, local audience with a cosy yet luxurious interior. Think gold fittings and hand-painted wallpaper, ceiling to floor maroon velvet drapes and subterranean banquettes. The coffee tables are faux-fur, twisting staircases, palm-tree chandeliers and, yes, even a roof terrace for warmer evenings.

Spread across six floors with the basement being the musical epicentre of Laylow, and home to the venue’s public live music and club programme.


The restaurant on the ground floor is open six days a week for lunch and dinner and the private lounge and apartment on the first and second floors respectively, are for Laylow’s Patrons. The fifth floor houses the recording studio above which is the roof terrace which crowns the venue.

Setting the benchmark for modern European fare, the restaurant at Laylow emphasises freshness, subtlety and quality. Combining classical cooking techniques with carefully sourced ingredients, the restaurant embodies the Laylow philosophy:

sourcing the finest products and offering them in the simplest of ways.

There are several ways to make an impact as a London nightspot. Some set out their stall from the get-go. But Laylow skilfully chose another way to put itself on the map by starting quiet, opening in an understated style with a soft launch last year and welcoming several big names all the way from from Stormzy, David Beckham to Rami Malek, George Clooney, Idris Elba and Mick Jagger! The list goes on. The entire interior is lavish in its details yet simple in its appearance, offering a superior understated elegance.