Molnary Arrow Bracelets - The Perfect Accessory - Jesus Agudo
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Molnary Arrow Bracelets – The Perfect Accessory

Molnary is in the business of making great bracelets, designed to be worn for a lifetime and making them accessible to everyone.

The sterling silver arrow is handcrafted with passion and the cotton ribbon is braided by hand to ensure great feel and lovely looks. Treat yourself to the perfect accessory and spoil someone you love with a fabulous gift. Let the Molnary arrow guide you to your next adventure.

Molnary was launched by two old friends during the summer of 2017. They are adventurers who love to travel and discover new places of the world. In a rental car during a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the idea was born which laid the foundation for Molnary. They talked about products they themselves really wanted that was lacking in the market. After a long discussion and tons of googling, they found the answer. Timeless and high quality bracelets at an affordable price. The arrow is a symbol of exploring, traveling and above all, guidance. There was never any doubt that the arrow guiding our founders on their worldwide adventures, would become the Molnary brand symbol, forever.