The Power Of Consistency - Jesus Agudo
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The Power Of Consistency

Consistency is a word that has been with me since I’ve learned the meaning. Everybody, understand it, but not everybody can apply it. There are three things I’ve learned that you need to succeed in any fitness goal.
Hard work, Discipline and Improvement. 
And this is a circle, that repeats, and again and again.

It is hard to find time to go to the gym when we all have a tight job schedule, but being consistent and go three to five times per week is even harder!. The truth is that the same as we need our work at our workplace we need to work out and train our bodies and minds on a daily basis. It isn’t wrong to work out often it is actually terrific!

For example, regular exercise has excellent health benefits for you, not just lose weight or build up muscle. It stimulates the growth of new capabilities to your muscles, flexibility and strength. And this not happening overnight It takes weeks of hard training to see ant results, but if you work hard, you’ll start to see them become stronger, more toned and slim.

We all get motivated when we start working out, but when you skip few of days in a row, the health benefits begin to dissipate. At first, this is just a decrease in the positive metabolic aspects, but eventually skipping exercise affects motivation.

The Motivation alone is tough to get back, but the health effects are just as significant. It’s a good thing working an exercise routine into your schedule, and it isn’t too hard.
I’ve personally discovered that the more i go to the gym the easiest that fits on my schedule, below im giving five tips on your fitness routine, which will help you to be more consistent on your daily basis.

1- Become a regular class goer – Classes are perfect to get yourself into a habit. If you want to work out frequently, commit to a class, gym session at the same time and same day and try to go at least three times a week. They usually are 30 – 45 mins, and if you go and at the same time, you quickly will see, there are often the same people. Which is good, it is an easy way you can stick to a workout is with someone like you. Not everyone at the gym is “there to make friends,” so to speak, and some exercises are more social than others by nature. Whether you’re an introvert or social butterfly, join the class as it is the easiest way i found to stick in the gym every day.

2- Put in your calendar and tell to your friends – The best thing to control your fitness calendar is scheduled in advance and putting it on the diary, takes minutes look at your weekly agenda on Sunday and book your gym time for the week ahead. It can also help if you tell your co-workers and friends what you plan to do it, this will open a conversation about you and your new goals.

3- Document the process – Tracking progress is significant when talking about consistency. When you see improvements, it’s a significant motivator. I highly recommend you to documented your fitness days, you can share them online or keep them to yourself, but i highly recommend you the keep track of your results as soon as you start, I did it via Instagram stories. I posted pictures of the mirrors, before and after work our, exercises. IG allowed me to take note of everyday progress. Many of you guys contacted me with excellent support seeing me working out like crazy. I did help me a lot. Thank you!

4- Keep learning – The gym is designed for one thing and one thing only: Self Improvement. No one is born taught; even when you think you are mastering the Lunges, you realise that there are thousands of movements you can do in the same exercise and make work muscles on the leg that you didn’t even know they are there. Keep learning! This is a journey enjoyed.
Go at your own pace, take things slow, but continue to push yourself and learning new things every day.

5- Take a rest – Diving into an intense workout could mean you fall off the wagon as soon as you feel burn out. So don’t be afraid to take days off when your body feels like it needs a break.
Of course, our bodies need a rest, but the truth is that you don’t want to miss more than three of days in a row if you can help it. In this case, i recommend you alternate days, if you are not used to taking a day off after every workout. If you are advanced, i would suggest don’t take more than two days off in a row.

Remember that fitness is not about abusing your body. It’s about taking care of it. Enjoy your days off as a gift; you deserved it!

It is very hard in the beginning! But It becomes a habit. Eventually, you begin to wonder how you were ever able to live without it. It impacts you, it changes you, and it shows you a glimpse of your power and what you are capable of it.

As mentioned it’s all about consistency, the more that you go, the easier it becomes, remember you are going to the gym to work, same as you go to your office, the only thing is that all the benefit of your workout is just for you and your health